Are you looking to make a meaningful step towards greater happiness and fulfillment?  We offer compassionate, down-to-earth psychotherapy and counseling in an integrative, strength-based approach.  Our work gently weaves together the best of traditional and eastern psychology with holistic approaches (such as parts work, mind-body psychotherapy & EMDR) in a blend which tends to foster deep healing and lasting results.  We specialize in helping people:


    • find greater ease & balance in their lives
    • get unstuck from old patterns (including anxiety, insomnia & reactivity)
    • develop more satisfying relationships & work
    • release themselves from the effects of past trauma
    • learn to be confident & successful from the inside out
    • live life more fully and with a sense of joyful adventure

Some people come to therapy because they want support in dealing with life’s challenges such as anxiety or depression, loss of a loved one, getting unstuck from past traumas or old patterns, healing troubled relationships, or figuring out how to live a more meaningful life.  Others come not because there’s any problem, but because they are seeking personal or spiritual growth, wanting to strengthen relationships, enhance performance, or live more connected to their wholeness and authenticity.

Whatever your reasons for exploring counseling, we appreciate how challenging the process of finding the right therapist and starting therapy can sometimes be, and hope this website can help answer some of your questions.  Call or send an email if you would like more information about our services or to schedule a first appointment.  We  look forward to hearing from you…

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