love is loveUsing a compassionate approach which brings out the best in each person, InnerWell’s couples therapy is grounded in  the latest research about what really creates successful relationships and lasting love.  We help couples learn to communicate better and connect more — by addressing the underlying issues and ways of relating that keep you stuck.

healthy relationships are connected and secure

We know, from all the recent research in the field of neuroscience, that people in healthy relationships feel secure and connected. As human beings, we are wired for connection. When we don’t have a sense of “safe haven”
with that person who matters most, it’s hard sometimes to be at your best. We help couples get back onto the same team in looking at the dynamics they’ve created together, and develop the capacity to reconnect in a way that helps both people feel understood and safe. We also work with each person to hold onto themselves in the face of their partner’s reactivity or withdrawl.

committed to excellence in couples therapy

InnerWell couples and relationship therapy has strong foundations in the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy model developed by Sue Johnson, PhD.  This approach is deeply compassionate, neurobiologically-informed and attachment-oriented, and has been proven highly effective in numerous published studies. EFT is currently the most researched and most effective known approach to couples therapy. We also draw from the wholeness-oriented couples therapy approaches consistent with Hakomi Therapy and the Internal Family Systems “Intimacy from the Inside Out”model. Discernment Counseling for mixed-agenda couples follows the model of William Doherty, PhD. As with all of the counseling at InnerWell, mindful attentiveness and compassionate curiosity are central. Our approach is collaborative and respectful, and is always uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual couple and their goals. Couples of all sexual orientations, gender configurations, and levels of commitment are welcome, as we are passionate about supporting all couples in having healthy, nourishing relationships using the best our field has to offer.

an integrative approach for lasting change

InnerWell Center for Couples Therapy is a project of InnerWell Integrative Counseling Services. In addition to our deep commitment to effective couples therapy, InnerWell also offer integrative therapy and counseling for individuals. InnerWell’s approach is mindfulness-based, compassionate, and goal-directed. We work extensively with individuals and couples on relationship issues, and with individuals on relationship issues, as well as on mind-body healing for trauma, anxiety, depression and loss. Integrative approaches which inform our work include Internal Family SystemsSensorimotor PsychotherapyHakomi Therapy, EMDR, and Buddhist psychology.

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