Create a Strong Foundation for a Lifetime of Love

lesbians_in_loveCongratulations on your engagement! It’s already a great sign for the future of your relationship that you’re taking this step to do some premarital counseling together. For couples who are preparing for the transition to married life and want to lay down a healthy foundation, our premarital counseling can help you:

  1. Assess and candidly discuss your areas of strength and growth as a couple.
  2. Discover why the “how” is more important than the “what” when it comes to secure, connected relationships.
  3. Join together to bring curiosity and compassion to any spots where you might get stuck.
  4. Develop or refine communication skills that increase your ability to relate in a way that fosters a heathy, connected relationship.
  5. Address any unresolved hurts.
  6. Navigate the stresses of wedding planning.
  7. Learn how to disagree (and be different) with grace and humor.
  8. Develop greater confidence in revealing (and receiving) vulnerable emotions, as research has proven that this helps foster emotionally secure relationships.
  9. Create a map of the journey ahead, clarifying intentions and for how you will carry the aspirations of your engagement to the daily experience of married life.

Each couple has a different journey, and the needs in pre-marital counseling will vary and be individualized to your relationship.

What to Expect

premarital counseling Pre-marital counseling is typically done in 4-8 sessions, each lasting 75 minutes. We also offer a retreat format, for a more condensed experience away from the distractions and demands of everyday life.

For each couple the process is a little different, depending what you’re bringing in, but generally, we’ll work with you to help you identify your strengths and areas of potential challenge as a couple, using particular conversations and exercises to facilitate your being able to communicate in a deeper way about the places you get stuck, in a way that brings you closer together and gives you tools that you’ll be able to carry forward into your life as a married couple. InnerWell’s premarital couples therapists in Brattleboro are all trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, proven to be the most effective couples therapy approach available. In advance of your premarital counseling, we may suggest some reading for you, and we will ask each of you to complete a relationship assessment.

Premarital Counseling Packages

8-Session or 12-Session Premarital Package
Recommended for couples who have some unresolved issues and may need support in re-establishing a healthy, strong foundation.

4-Session Package, 6-Session Package or 8-Session Premarital Package
Recommended for securely connected couples who are looking to enhance their connection and have an intentional process of preparation for a sustainable & nourishing marriage.

Premarital Couples Retreat
Take a time-out away from the stresses and demands of daily life to honor your upcoming transition and attend to your relationship. Available in Vermont or at a location of your choosing. Contact us for details and pricing.

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