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It’s important to be intentional about where and how you invest your time, energy and financial resources when choosing a therapist and taking an proactive step towards healing, growth, connection or clarity. If you are someone who is committed to seeing positive change in your life and values the unique expertise and perspective that InnerWell offers, we hope it will be possible for us to work together to meet your goals. Please contact us for current pricing.


Can I Use My Insurance?

Depending on the service you are seeking at InnerWell and the practitioner you work with, it may be possible to use your insurance to help offset the cost of therapy.

A few of our therapists are in-network with Blue Cross plans, including Anthem NH and CBA Blue. Other private insurances (such as Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Cigna, etc, and Blue Cross for our non-participating therapists) are considered out-of-network, which simply means that seeking reimbursement would be between you and your insurance, rather than us billing them directly. In that case, you would pay in full at the time of service and we are happy to provide you with statements that will contain the necessary details. We are not currently accepting Medicare or Medicaid.

Private couples retreats (AKA “intensives” or “marathon therapy”) and wellness programs (such as private mindfulness sessions or pre-marital counseling) are typically not covered by insurance, though in many cases, tax-advantanged Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can be used as a method of payment.

Click here for details about using insurance at InnerWell.


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