therapy in brattleboroAre you looking to make a meaningful step towards greater happiness and fulfillment?  We offer compassionate, down-to-earth psychotherapy and counseling in an integrative, wellness-based approach.  What that means is that we start with an assumption of wholeness and invite you into a space of possibility and renewal, even as we work on healing and transforming whatever has prompted you to seek us out.

We have expertise in how to help people come back to the best in themselves, using the best that our field has to offer. We specialize in helping people:

  • Find greater ease & balance in their lives
  • Get unstuck from old patterns (including anxiety, insomnia & reactivity)
  • Develop more satisfying relationships & work
  • Release themselves from the effects of past trauma
  • Learn to be confident & successful from the inside out
  • Live life more fully and with a sense of joyful adventure

Our unique approach weaves together the best of eastern and western wisdom and leading-edge modalities to gently and effectively help you create the life and relationships you desire and deserve. Our caring and highly skilled Brattleboro therapists can help you with:

Anxiety  |  Trauma  |  Depression  |  Transitions & Loss  |  Relationship Issues  |  “Bad” Habits  | Body-Mind Healing  |  Life Path Decisions  |  Personal Growth

brattleboro therapyWe offer individual counseling and growth coaching from our offices in southern Vermont and worldwide using secure internet technology (similar to Skype, but better!). We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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