Get unstuck from the mental habit of anxiety.


If you suffer from anxious thoughts, tend towards anxiety or stress, or even suffer from panic attacks, we’re here to help.

Our leading-edge, body-mind talk therapy helps people shift their neural pathways to create more ease, self-acceptance and the ability to respond effectively, rather than react, to the challenges life presents.

We will help you:

  1. Learn how to calm your nervous system, using proven, leading-edge approaches that are gentle, mindfulness-based, embodied and all about empowering you.
  2. Explore ways to more effectively address the challenges in your life that may be causing stress.
  3. Learn to differentiate between anxiety that is helpful and anxiety that has just become habit.
  4. Increase your positive coping strategies, if needed, and get unstuck from those that might be having negative consequences for you or your relationships or work.
  5. If needed, we’ll help you gently unwind old triggers that may be activating anxiety unnecessarily, or out-of-proportion with current circumstances.

Our approach is respectful, compassionate, engaged — and informed by the latest research in how our brains really work and how to effect lasting, positive change. We know how hard it can be to feel stressed or anxious, and we’re here to help you find your way to more ease and peacefulness in your everyday life.

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