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happy-manHave you been feeling down or disconnected?

Unhappy with yourself or your work or relationships?

Have trouble motivating to do what needs doing?

Not even sure what needs doing or where you’re headed?

We’re glad you’re here. We specializing in helping people reconnect with the best in themselves and rediscover the vitality they may have lost touch with. Call 802-231-2550 for a free phone consultation, or email us at

Our Approach
InnerWell’s therapists are leaders in mind-body talk therapy that helps people make lasting shifts in their mental habits — from the inside out — and come into better relationship with themselves and the important people in their lives.

We know you may be having a hard time, but we also know that you have incredible resiliency and resources in you, even if you’ve forgotten how to access those. We will be on a team together to get curious about what’s holding you back and why. We’ll work to help discover, with compassion and possibility, new ways of approaching old problems, beliefs and patterns of thought and behavior.

Our approach is empowering, non-pathologizing, and focused on helping you feel better. And it’s informed by all the recent research about neurobiology and how old patterns can truly be changed, and the inseparability of mind, body and spirit.  We look forward to working with you.

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