How do you choose a therapist?
One of the most important factors in the success of therapy is the relationship that forms between the client and therapist, so it is important that you find someone with whom you feel comfortable and understood.  Other qualities you might look for is someone who is compassionate, someone with whom you feel you can open up and be honest with, someone who both accepts you for who you are and believes in the possibility for your continued growth and unfolding, and someone who can help you illuminate and untangle the bigger picture of the specific problems you face.  If you are looking for specific approaches or credentials, that will guide your decision as well.  Many people start the process by calling one or more therapists and getting a sense of how it is to talk with them on the phone.  That can help you determine if you would like to take the next step by meeting in person to see if it feels like a potentially good match.  Sometimes it takes a few sessions to get comfortable with a new therapist, but it shouldn’t take much longer than that to have a sense if it’s a good fit.

How long does therapy take?
There is no one answer to this question as each person arrives with different goals and with their own unique personal history and style.  Each person moves along the healing journey in their own pacing, and one person might feel complete when another would want to dive into a deeper layer of self-discovery.  Some people come specifically for short-term therapy to resolve a discrete or time-limited concern, and others come for an open-ended journey of growth and healing.  What matters most is that you feel therapy is continuing to take you in the direction you want to go in your life.  By staying connected to your vision for the life you want, and checking in periodically with yourself and your therapist about your progress, you will know whether the therapy is working for you and when you have reached your goals.

How much do you charge?  Do you take insurance?
Please visit our Fees & Insurance page for details.

Where is your office located?
InnerWell is located in Brattleboro, VT, just up the road from Exit 2 of I-91, and the address is 262 Western Ave., Brattleboro, VT 05301.  See for more detailed directions. There’s plenty of parking on the street, and when you arrive, just come on in the front door.

How often should I expect to come in?
People usually start coming in once a week and then as the therapy progresses and things begin to improve we might decide that coming in less often will work.  Weekly sessions make it possible for us to create momentum and to establish the kind of trusting relationship which is necessary for therapy to be effective.  For those who are in crisis or feel motivated to work intensively, two or more sessions a week may be possible, but generally once a week works well for most people.

What kinds of people seek therapy?
We see all sorts of people in my practice, ranging from those who are interested in getting unstuck from old patterns, discovering how to live more joy-filled life or have more satisfying relationships or work, to those who are in serious emotional distress.  Some people come because of ongoing challenges such as anxiety or depression or feeling unsure about their life’s direction, and others come because of a situational challenge, such wanting support and guidance during a time of transition or loss, or in preparation for an anticipated event or difficulty.  You don’t need to be any particular “type of person” or have anything wrong with you in order to take steps towards living life more fully or with greater satisfaction or ease.  Because the nature of our work asks you to be a full participant and actively engaged in your self-discovery and healing, many InnerWell clients come highly motivated for change and with an open mind.

How can I get started?
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