Integrative counseling is a holistic approach which goes beyond the conventional talk therapy model.  This approach reflects an understanding that body and mind cannot be separated, and that as mammals, we are deeply interconnected and need healthy relationships like we need food and water. We understand that to do therapy only with the rational, cognitive part of the mind, is much less likely to offer lasting and effective change.

Everyone has had the experience of being able to understand something rationally one way, but find themselves having an emotional or body reaction which was “irrational.”  Anyone who’s been in a relationship of any sort knows about this firsthand! By doing therapy from a holistic approach (that is, seeing each person as whole, and each couple in the same light), we are better able to integrate body, mind and spirit and offer the possibility of true, embodied healing and growth.

One way of bringing together body and mind is through mindfulness, which is a foundation of the InnerWell approach.  Mindfulness is a gentle, present-moment perspective which allows for the natural unfolding towards health and wholeness.  Mindfulness encourages nonjudgmental curiosity and helps people develop a sense of kindness towards themselves and a sense of perspective as well.  It helps to illuminate the interconnections between body and mind (which makes it a great tool for stress management and changing old habits), and often leads to greater ease and self-acceptance. In couples therapy, it is invaluable for helping each partner stay grounded and present, even in difficult situations.

Our holistic therapy calls on elements of western and eastern psychology, as well as cutting-edge trauma treatment models based on the recent discoveries about how the brain and mind-body systems work.  Each therapy session is uniquely tailored to whatever issues are present as well as the interests and needs of the client(s), and often moves fluidly between approaches and models, depending on what is appropriate in the given situation.  At times, we may work primarily from a specific modality if it is requested and appropriate. Sessions are conducted at our peaceful, beautiful office space in Brattleboro, Vermont (also easily accessible via I-91 to Greenfield, MA and Keene, NH).

Primary modalities and influences include:

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Trauma Treatment (a comprehensive mind-body approach, very useful with trauma and sexuality issues in relationship work, among many other things)
  • Hakomi Therapy (an experiential, mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic approach which is wonderful in helping to understand our old patterns — and our partners! — with acceptance and also clear strategies for growth)
  • Re-Creation of the Self (a psycho-spiritual approach which emphasizes choice and wholeness)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy (a wonderful approach for calming internal struggle and shifting into your best self in relationship and in life)
  • Buddhist Psychology & Mindfulness
  • Neurobiology
  • The Natural World

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