IW-flower-iconWe specialize in helping people transform old patterns from the inside out, and create healthy, nourishing relationships with themselves and their loved ones. Our integrative therapists have extensive training and experience helping people make positive, lasting change in their lives and relationships.

You deserve to have a life filled with love

We offer highest quality therapy, counseling and coaching for people dealing with issues that impact, and are impacted by, our relationships. Areas of specialty include:

  • Gentle, effective healing from sexual & relational trauma
  • Reducing reactivity & anxiety for better connections
  • Developing assertiveness & healthy boundaries
  • Transforming old relationship patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Healing and self-discovery after an affair
  • Relationship skills coaching & personal growth
  • Clarifying your vision for your relationships and life
Take charge of your relationship satisfaction, or get ready for your next relationship

Using an integrative, compassionate approach to each person’s unique situation and goals, we help people discover the best in themselves and help them bring that back out into their lives and relationships. Our integrative approach draws from the latest in the field, weaving together the wisdom of a gentle, mindfulness with the clarity of recent discoveries about how our minds really work and how change really happens. We understand how powerful emotions and relationships can be, and we help people step out of old patterns that may no longer be serving them, so they can have truly satisfying and nourishing connections with themselves and others.

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