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Many of the issues that bring people to therapy — challenges in relationship, stress or anxiety, depression, spiritual concerns, trauma — are connected to core issues and things we’ve learned about ourselves and the world through our many experiences in life. Sometimes gender plays into that and sometimes not. Either way, stepping into therapy takes a certain strength and courage, and the fact that you’re even considering reaching out for support earns you serious respect in our book.

To have the experience of being seen and understood and supported by another man isn’t something that our culture gives most of us a lot of practice with, and it can be an important and incredibly valuable experience. We’re taught, as men, to devalue emotions, and not risk showing our vulnerability to one another.

innerwell10882Colin Polnitsky, MSW, at InnerWell has a particular interest in helping men come back to the best in themselves and work towards greater self-acceptance, ease and clarity. Read more about Colin here, or contact us today at 802-231-2550 or to request a phone consultation or schedule an appointment today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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